Email Policy FAQ

Q: Why does the district provide email services to its employees?
A: GroupWise email, like all other district technology, is provided as a privilege to staff to assist them in educating the children of our district. Specifically, email is provided to assist them in communicating with parents, students and colleagues. It is, in essence, a public system and should be used responsibly.

Q: What should I do if I receive inappropriate email from someone inside the district?
A: It may depend on the severity of the email in question. Generally, if you receive an inappropriate email from another district employee you should take the following steps: • Delete the email • Notifiy the sender that you believe the email is inappropriate, that you do not wish to receive such emails and that he/she should not send such emails using the district email system. If the email is of a severe nature (harassing, threatening, sexually explicit, etc.) or if the sender continues to send inappropriate emails after being told not to, then you should notify your administrator, the Director of Technology Services, or your union representative. If the email is of a threatening or harassing nature you should save a record of the email by printing it or saving it to an external file.

Q: I receive several "inappropriate" emails from outside of the district. What should I do?
A: Unsolicited email messages, called "spam," are a ubiquitous problem. The district has an email filter in place that blocks over 10,000 spam email messages each day. However, the senders of these email messages are constantly looking for new ways to sneak their messages through the filter. In most cases, spam email comes from untraceable email addresses. These messages should be deleted. NEVER REPLY to an unsolicited email. This will only confirm your email address to the sender an you will receive more spam. If the inappropriate email is coming from someone you know, follow the same steps as outlined in the previous question above.

Q: Someone I know sent me an email message with an attachment. The message just said, "Here's something I know you will enjoy!" Should I open the attachment?
A: NEVER! The attachment could very likely contain a virus. It is very easy for those who write and spread computer viruses to make their email messages look like they are coming from someone in your address book. Even in your personal email addresses, opening unsolicited attachments is a bad idea. You can protect yourself and your family and friends by coming up with a code-such as putting your initials at the end of the subject line-so that the recipient can be more certain that the email is legitimate.

Q: Isn't my email private?
A: NO. You should never consider your email private or confidential. If you would not write it on a postcard, do not put it in email. The district reserves the right to monitor all data stored and transported on its network system and that includes email. In addition, district email is subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA.) That means that someone from the community could demand a copy of a certain individual's email messages or even all district emails and we would have to provide them.