PKE Tigers Passive Fundraising


What is it and how can you get involved? 

Passive Fundraising is a simple way raise money for Pine Knob Elementary student support programs.  We raise this money without having to solicit it from you.  Then we use the money for educational tools, equipment and programs for your children.  We do this by collecting miscellaneous items that can be recycled for money and participating in a variety of programs that "give back" to the school. 

The programs we are currently participating in are listed below.


ABITIBI - Paper Recycling - These are the dumpster located in the school parking lot.The Student Council collects catalogs, magazines, newspaper, junk mail, office paper, fax paper, notebooks and folders. Please DO NOT place cardboard or phonebooks in the dumpsters. By placing your paper waste into the dumpsters for collection and recycling, Pine Knob Elementary Student Council collects monthly monetary checks. The dumpsters are there all year long and your paper can be dropped off at your convenience. 


Box Tops for Education - There are many products found at the local grocery store that participate in the "Box Tops" program. They can be found on products like cereal, dairy, baking, frozen, snacks, meals and side dish packages. Each box top is worth $0.10.It does not sound like much money but we collect approximately $1000.00 from this program each year. We are not asking you to buy products that you would normally not buy. We are asking you to check the products you currently purchase and cut out the box top coupon from the product. There are collection boxes in each classroom so the box tops can be sent to school with your child. Go to BoxTops4Education   to get additional bonuses for PKE and great coupons for your family.   


Box Tops for Education Booster Club -  This program is great for those people that shop on-line. There are over 200 stores that participate in this program.  Instead of going directly to the on-line store to shop ... you first go to BoxTops4Education.com  then click on your store.  By doing this Pine Knob Elementary will receive a percentage of your purchase.  This program works by going to boxtops4education.com and signing up for the Booster Club and designating Pine Knob as your school of choice.  This program costs nothing. You are signing up to become a member so they can recognize you when you sign in on the web page.  By selecting Pine Knob Elementary to be your school of choice allows them to know which school to give the monetary credit to. This program cost no additional money out of your pocket.  Pine Knob receives money on products you were planning on purchasing.  It just takes effort on your part to make "extra clicks" on the computer before going to your on-line store.

Cambells Labels for Education - This program is as easy as 1-2-3. 

1. Continue to purchase your favorite cambell products.

2. Remove the product label before you recycle the container

3. Have your student bring the labels collected to school and drop it in the classroom collection box.

Pine Knob Elementary PTA gets benefits for your efforts that we transfer back to the students.

Kroger Card - The Kroger Community Rewards program is easy to use. When you register your Kroger Bonus card and list PKE as the recipient, a portion of your purchase gets donated back to PKE. Log on to http://www.kroger.com/mykroger/018/community/Pages/community_rewards.aspx and register your Kroger Rewards card. Please enter NPO #83332 or search Pine Knob Elementary PTA.  You will earn cash for PKE every time you swipe your Kroger Plus card.

Goodsearch.com -  Use this search engine to do your on-line searches and Pine Knob gets a penny per search - you would be surprised how quickly this translates into real dollars.  Shop on-line using this service and PKE gets additional money.  All with out any cost to you!  This is worth telling your friends about. (You can link now, by clicking on the goodsearch logo above).

Target Take Charge of Education - This is a program for people that currently have a Target Charge Card.  If you currently have a Target Charge card we need you to designate Pine Knob as your school of choice so the school receives a percentage of your purchases.  We are not asking you to sign up for a charge card but if you own one we are asking you to designate Pine Knob as your school of choice.

Getting started:There are 2 easy ways to sign up ...

  1. Call Target Customer Service at 1.800.316.6142
  2. Log onto target.com , at the bottom of the screen select "community", find our school (Pine Knob Elementary, zip code 48346) and sign up.


The above programs are great ways for us to earn money for Pine Knob Elementary without having to sell products door to door or to friends and family.  However, if friends, family or co-workers would like to help out they can sign up for the above programs and select Pine Knob as their school of choice or save box tops and recycled items to be brought into school as opportunity allows.  Also a great thing to remember is these are on going programs.You can continue to save items over the summer months and use your cards.