Welcome PopTarts!
 School Fair Date: Saturday, October 13, 2012
It's a fun day for all and helps support our wonderful PTA!
We hope to see everyone there!


Our class will be collecting items related to


for the School Fair Basket Raffle 2012!

Some ideas for GOING GREEN donations include:
  • items made of recycled eco-friendly materials, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, light bulbs, recycle bags, stationary made from recycled paper, and MUCH MORE!

Some ideas for BAKER'S DOZEN donations include:

  • baking and decorating items, measuring spoons and cups, cake and chocolate molds, cake decorating kits, frosting, cupcake maker, and MUCH MORE!

And anything else you can think of- Let's make our basket overflowing with goodies for the annual school fair auction. Start collecting and send in your donations in September.

Thanks for your support!

Mrs. Rocho & Mrs. Taseski