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June 10, 2014


Dear Parents,


Well - here it is - the last newsletter of the year.  And what a great year it's been.  I have enjoyed this group of second-graders.  Their growth in all aspects – academic, social, emotional - has been amazing and I am so proud of them!  My thanks go out to you as parents for your participation in your child's education.  I'm going to miss all the children - I've learned so much from each and every one of them!  Thank you for the opportunity to teach and learn with your child.


The second grade enjoyed a fun pizza lunch on Monday.  It was a nice way to celebrate the end of the year as second-graders. Thanks so much to all the parents who donated to make this special end-of-the-year event happen. 


At the bottom of this newsletter I've included a short list of some things you can do with your child while you're enjoying summer vacation.  These are just a few small ways you can help your child stay prepared for third grade.  In addition, please remember that and are available all summer long. Please continue to use these valuable resources provided thanks to our generous PTO.


Thanks again for all your support and kind words throughout the year.  Have a wonderful summer – enjoy this time with your growing children!


Mrs. Hill J



Important Reminders


· June, July and August – summer vacation!

· Relax and sleep in J

· Go swimming, fishing, boating, camping, …

· Have friends over to play, play, play

· Go to a friend’s house to play, play, play

· Visit family and friends

· Have FUN, FUN, and FUN!




Next Week at a Glance:


· Language Arts: read a good book by the pool

· Math: buy some ice cream – be sure to count your change!

· Science: collect and sort seashells at the beach!

· Social Studies: take another fun walk to downtown Clarkston!

· Spelling: practice when you send postcards to your friends!


Summer Activities


While you’re enjoying your summer vacation, don’t forget to:


·   Read each day and discuss what you’ve read. Discussing and retelling both help build comprehension J


·   Practice your math facts.  Try to know them within 3 seconds.  Use a strategy to help you figure them out.


·   Begin a summer writing journal.


·   Send letters, postcards, and e-mails to your friends & family– a great way to practice your writing skills.


·   Visit the local library – Springfield, Independence, WhiteLake, and Waterford libraries all have great summer reading programs for children.


·   Count the change you receive when you buy items at the store.


·   Practice telling time on an analog clock.  Practice elapsed time scenarios too.


·   Practice two-digit & three-digit addition and subtraction number sentences.  Don’t forget to regroup!