Behavioral Expectations

Students will be expected to be responsible for their own learning and for their actions. Students will be expected to do all assigned work and to ask questions when they need help. Students will also be expected to be active learners and to participate in classroom activities. Finally, the students will be expected to respect all people and things in the classroom.

Performance Evaluation and Grading Procedures

Students will be evaluated in the following ways: in-class assignments, teacher observation, student participation, quizzes, small projects and tests. A total point system will be used to calculate grades. Class assignments will generally be worth 5-10 points, quizzes will be worth 15-25 points, and tests will be worth 80-100 points. Students will take a semester exam. Their final semester grade will be determined by the following:

For CMP 8: Semester Grade (80%) and final Exam Grade (20%)

For ALGEBRA + CMP: Semester Grade (80%) and final Exam Grade (20%)

Attendance Policy

Please be aware that CJHS has a strict attendance policy that can affect students receiving credit for a class. You and your child should review this policy in the student handbook.

CJHS Grading Scale

A = 92.5-100

A- = 89.5-92.4

B+ = 86.5-89.4

B = 82.5-86.4

B- = 79.5-82.4

C+ = 76.5-79.4

C = 72.5-76.4

C- = 69.5-72.4

D+ = 66.5-69.4

D = 62.5-66.4

D- = 59.5-62.4

E = 59.4 and below