All New Kindergarten - 12th Grade students may enroll at our

Administration Building, 6389 Clarkston Road


The following information is intended to help you through the enrollment process. For your convenience and to expedite the enrollment process, the required forms are available for printing from the Clarkston Community Schools Forms web page or from the links below.

Enrollment Requirements:

Parent/guardian picture identification (driver's license/passport)

         Photo I.D., such as a driver’s license, state I.D., or passport of parent, or legal guardian must be provided.  The current address must be represented on the photo I.D.

____ Proof of Residency (may be required to renew annually)

Proof of Ownership/Occupancy

(One (1) Required)

Supporting Documentation

(Two (2) Required)

Must show matching address

Current Tax Statement (Latest Tax Season)

Utility Bill (current DTE, Consumers, Cable)

Mortgage Statement

Phone Bill (current)

Lease (Must include the following information :)

· Landlord Contact information

· Delineation of people living in household

· Length of lease term

· Signed by both Resident & Landlord

· Address of rental



Affidavit (Property Owner must also submit one of the above)

Legal Documentation

Purchase Agreement  (within current semester)

Medical Bill

____ Child's original/certified birth certificate (or valid passport, if not born in the U.S.)     An original Certified Birth Certificate must be supplied by the parent/guardian of the student.  Birth Certificates will not be retrieved from the previous district, and will also not be released for any reason. Birth certificates can be obtained through the county in which your child was born at the Register of Deeds Office.  Birth certificate will be copied. 

____   Immunization record - official record must be submitted

         The student’s complete updated immunization record must be submitted to the school.  Please see Immunization requirements in this packet. Immunization records can’t be obtained from previous schools.  The district will not release any immunization information on students. Immunizations are available @ Oakland County Health Dept. (248.858.1280) 

____   Proof of satisfactory vision exam (kindergarten students only)

_____   If child is receiving special education services, a copy of current Individual Education Plan (IEP)

____   Student's report card, high school transcript or withdrawal grades from previous school

____   Court order Documentation or Custody Documentation if applicable. 

Questions about enrollment?

Please contact your child's school or the Pupil Accounting Department at 248-623-5411.