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  Posted on 12/11/2005 by spencer stege Reply to this Message[Reply to this message] 
hey just wanted to say mr.henwood is one of the best teachers i have had in my learning career and is a teacher that actually knows what hes talking about.
Mr. Henwood
  Posted on 06/20/2005 by Bianca Gonzalez Reply to this Message[Reply to this message] 
Being in Mr. Henwoods LA 9 class taught me a lot in my first year of highschool. Everything in the ciricumlum always got me thinking and although it sometimes didnt reflect in my grades, it always kept me in deep thought in my mind. I wont ever forget some of the ideas and opinions I developed because of his class. And this is all thanks to the amazing Mr. Henwood. My ninth grade year at Clarkston High School really could not have been the same without him.

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