Basic Trigonometry I
Lesson on trig ratios sine cosine and tangent
Basic Trigonometry II
Example of sine and cosine ratio problem
Correlation and Least Squares Regression
Connection between the correlation values and the least squares regression line
Geometry Terms I

Definitions of Point - Line - Plane - Segment - Collinear - Ray - Midpoint

Geometry Terms II
Definitions of -
Angles - Vertex - Sides - Naming Angles
Geometry Terms III
Definitions and Examples of -
Acute Angles - Obtuse Angles - Right Angles - Supplementary Angles
Geometry Terms IV
Definitions of
Complementary Angles - Supplementary Angles - Adjacent Angles - Perpendicular - Measure Symbol
Geometry Terms IV - Part 2
Examples of Supplementary and Complementary Angles
Least Squares Regression Line a Visual Model
Math Activity Website
There are activities and instruction available for various level of mathematics and topics. If there is something you would like to explore more or learn more about try this site.
Normal Calculations
Lesson on Normal distributions and finding probabilities of a normal distribution.
Online Discovering Geometry Textbook -
Class pass - simsgeometry. We use the 3rd edition.
Prezi - Inference Procedure
This is a prezi of all the inference procedures. IT includes the names, conditions and the wording for the conclusions.
Statistics Lessons and Tutorial
Lessons from the Practice of Statistics Textbook
Students Day 1 Survey
Data collection for statistics class.
Symmetry in Nature Sec. 0.1
Video of nature and the types of symmetry it has - rotational - reflectional
Tranfromations Times Two

This lesson show the results of reflecting an object over two lines (parallel intersecting and mirror line)