Welcome to the "Useful Links" page. This page can be used as a wonderful resource, whether you are researching paper citations, trying to write a works cited, or maybe you're just looking for some great books. Below I've provided a list of wonderful websites that are not only helpful, but they are just a wee bit fun too.

APA Style Formatting
If you as a student are required to create citations according to APA format, this website is the place to be. You can find the latest and greatest information about APA formatting at the click of the mouse.
Brain Exercises I
For all you crossword lovers out there, this website definitely gets the gears turning. Although crosswords may seem like a simplistic pass time, they actually do serve a purpose. Crossword puzzles help to build vocabulary and strengthen word recognition. So go ahead and just try it sometime.
Leading from the Heart
Whether it's in academics, athletics, or simply in life, leadership is one of the most profound pieces of any organization. In his book, Coach Mike Krzyzewski, puts it all on the line to encourage all of his players to be the best they can be, but most importantly he discusses the role of leadership in his life and in the life of others. This book is a wonderful tool for any student who is looking into the field of leadership, and I believe that no matter how it's read, "Leading from the Heart" is a truly enjoyable life lesson.
MLA Format Writing
This website is designed for students who are required to use MLA format when creating a works cited page, or when students are required to provide in-text citations. If a teacher requires his/her students to use MLA format, this website has the latest updates in regards to paper citations and creating a works cited page.
Tuedays with Morrie
If there was ever a book that I could recommend that changed my outlook on life, I would have to say "Tuesdays with Morrie" is the book. A wonderfully written novel about the quest for understanding and appreciating life, "Tuesdays with Morrie" is a heartbreaker, but the life lessons that are taught are even more valuable than the words themselves. Check out the review from CNN.