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Students should be looking at the folders: (Scientific Method), (Compass and Magnetism), (Plate Tectonics and Earth's Composition) (Soil, Weathering, and Erosion), (Rocks and the Rock Cycle), and (Minerals).

Adaptation (4)
Birds - Non fiction resources (7)
Cells and Heredity (31)
Challenge, Contests, and Competitions (6)
Clarkston Curriculum and Google Accts (2)
Compass and Magnetism (3)
Earth's Layers (composition) and Plate Tectonics (20)
Earth's Timeline (10)
Ecology (10)
Electricity and Magnetism (8)
Force and Motion and Simple Machines (6)
Fossils (8)
Hurricane Sandy (5)
Kitten Project (10)
Math (31)
Minerals (5)
News and Science Magazines (9)
Plants! (3)
Projects, Games and Experiments (7)
Reading Resources (16)
Rocks and the Rock Cycle (11)
Science and Social Studies Resources (5)
Scientific Method and Science Fair Resources (9)
Service Learning- How and Why to Help Others (8)
Soil, Weathering, and Erosion (15)
Sound and Light (7)
States Around the USA Information (10)
States of Matter (5)
Thanksgiving Webquest - Awesome (1)
Writing (15)

3-D Google Earth - Oceans - Very cool!
Frog Dissection Photos
McDonalds Experiment