Course Syllabus

Biology I/II

Mrs. Trzasko


Phone: (248)623-5620



This course covers the Michigan high school content expectations for biology which can be found at 



Trimester I:

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Cells-Structure and Function

Human Systems, Homeostasis and Health

Cell Energetics, Matter and Energy in Ecosystems


Trimester II:

Population Ecology and Human Impacts on the Environment

DNA/RNA and Protein Synthesis

Cell Division and Chromosome Mutation

Mendelian and Molecular Genetics


Comparative Structure and Functions of Living Things


*Curriculum maps can be found at: Select science, then the trimester you are interested in.



Biology (Prentice Hall) by Miller & Levine

The interactive text can be found at the class access code is on your syllabus and is case sensitive.


Supplemental Materials

Three Ring Binder, Writing Utensils, Colored Pencils, Highlighter, Ruler, Glue Stick, Lined Paper, Notebook Dividers, and Book Cover


Behavioral Expectations

· You are expected to treat others in this classroom with respect.

· This is a learning environment and you are expected help each other at appropriate times. 

· You are expected to turn all work in on time; late assignments will be accepted within one week of the original due date at a point reduction of 50% if turned in with a summary of the purpose of the assignment, without the summary you will be awarded 1 point.  In the event of an absence, work can be made up only if the absence has been excused. 

· You are expected to be in your assigned seat and prepared for class when the bell rings.

· You are expected to collect assignments missed due to an absence.  You will have as many days as you were out to make up that work.

· You are expected to prepare for each test given, no retakes will be given.

· You are expected to keep our room clean, not cleaning up after yourself will result in an after school detention to clean up after everyone else.

· You are expected to do your own work on all assignments, cheating will result in a zero and a call home.

· You are expected to take any test/quiz missed due to an excused absence on the next day you are present.  If, by that time the graded tests/quizzes have been returned your makeup may be a different version of the test.

· You are expected to follow all safety procedures while performing labs, failure to do so will result in removal from the lab, resulting in a zero for the assignment.

· You are expected to follow all school rules as described in your student handbook.

· You are expected to be silent during any school announcements.

· You are expected to treat a guest teacher with the same respect that you give me; if your name is left for me by the guest teacher you will be given a thirty minute detention.

· You are expected to stay in your seat until the bell dismisses you.


Performance Evaluation

Your grade will be made up of scores from three categories: homework and in class work (30%), laboratory activities (30%), and tests (40%). 


Grading Procedure

Grades are calculated using a weighted scale and will be posted in the classroom on the last day of each week.  Grades are also available online with a valid username and password (available through the main office).  Progress reports are given to those students with any grade below a C- each Tuesday; it is my expectation that if you receive a progress report you will share this information with your parents.  Trimester grades are calculated by weighting all coursework up until the exam 80%, and the exam 20%.


Grading Scale

100 – 92.5  A

92.4 – 89.5 A-

89.4 – 86.5 B+

86.4 – 82.5 B

82.4 – 79.5 B-

79.4 – 76.5 C+

76.4 – 72.5 C

72.4 – 69.5 C-

69.4 - 66.5 D+

66.4 – 62.5 D

62.4 – 59.5 D-

59.4 ¯ E