1)  What is the Sashabaw Middle School Optimist Club?
2)  What does the club do?
3)  Is it all work and no fun?
4)  What can Junior Optimists do for me?
5)  Does it cost anything?
1)  Q What is the Sashabaw Middle School Optimist Club?
We are a group of community minded students who believe that young people should be out in their community helping people. We work together with the adult Optimist Club of Clarkston. We are also part of the Junior Optimist Octagon International (JOOI, pronounced JOY) which has almost 20,000 students in the United States and Canada serving their communities. All together, there are 160,000 adult and young people who call themselves "Optimists" in the United States and Canada.
2)  Q What does the club do?
We get involved in service activities to help others. We will be helping at the "Friendly Forest" in October. We adopted a senior citizen last year for Christmas. We have worked at Grace Center of Hope soup kitchen, made cookies for soldiers, collected donations for people that were in need, worked at the senior center, shopped at Christmas for teens and donated the gifts to Lighthouse North, we collected canned goods for the "Souper Bowl" in January and collected money to give to Lighthouse North. We have done many other service activities. We also have done many fun activities. We went to Cedar Point and went camping at Camp Wilderness. We have pizza parties and snacks at our meetings. The club is run by the members and all ideas are welcomed and encouraged.
3)  Q Is it all work and no fun?
Of course not! We love to have fun together too. We are planning some fun meetings and social events.
4)  Q What can Junior Optimists do for me?
    Have more time to hang out with friends, opportunities to meet new people, Teach leadership skills, valuable experiences that can be beneficial when applying to colleges, learn to work cooperatively with other people.

Past members of Clarkston and Sashabaw Junior Optimists Clubs have become Michigan District JOOI Governors, International directors, and traveled all over the United States and Canada to international conventions. Most importantly by joining you become better people, serve your community and meet more friends.

5)  Q Does it cost anything?
Yes. We have once a year club dues of $30.00 . This check is payable to Sashabaw Jr. Optimist Club. This fee goes to pay for registration in the international organization - JOOI and for club expenses.