1)  Who should take chemistry?
2)  My student is finding chemistry difficult, what can I do?
1)  Q Who should take chemistry?
Chemistry I is a class designed to prepare college bound students who plan on majoring in science-related fields for introductory college chemistry. The course is open to any student who has done well in geometry, but the most successful students tend to be students who are currently in Algebra II.
2)  Q My student is finding chemistry difficult, what can I do?
Make sure your student:

1. is in chemistry class every day if possible. No exceptions.

2. reads over all notes for the current chapter every night.

3. reads one section of the book every other night or so.

4. reworks missed homework and quiz questions even when s/he understands what s/he did wrong.

5. gets small amounts of help frequently, either from other students or from the teacher or at after-school tutoring.

6. can tell you, specifically, one thing learned in class every day. That is, ask your student what s/he did in class today and don’t settle for a “nothing” answer. Push them until s/he recalls. This helps review/remember the information.

7. doesn’t settle for an “adequate” grade. Working harder, e.g. reading the book, working extra problems, getting help, does translate into a higher grade.