Pine Knob Elementary Mission Statement

Working alongside our families and community, Pine Knob Elementary will provide a safe and respectful environment that ensures academic and personal growth for all.

Clarkston Community Schools:  Think Beyond Possible

Mission Statement

The mission of Clarkston Community Schools is to cultivate thinkers, learners and positive contributors to a global society.

Vision Statement

Each Clarkston Community Schools' student is fully engaged in a globally focused education, from preschool through graduation, that fosters in her/him a sense of self, perspective, responsibility/ownership and contribution.

Learner Profile

Clarkston Community Schools' students are thoughtful, contributing members of society who possess the behaviors, skills and attitudes to continue to learn and adapt to a diverse and dynamic global society.  Our curious and imaginative students exhibit critical thinking and problem solving skills, are effective oral and written communicators, and can access and analyze information.  Clarkston Community Schools' learners, as successful 21st Century citizens, effectively use technology.  They nimbly apply these skills throughout life in academic, social and emotional situations.

Strategic Goal Areas:

Teaching, Learning, Thinking and Data

To foster a learning school that ensures active learning and intellectual curiosity, we must have a culture that values and supports thinking.  Our community enables the development of the learners integreation of technology with the relevant residuals of academic experiences.


The purpose of the technology plan for Clarkston Community Schools is to guide development of a reliable technological infrastructure that supports learning, to direct the appropriate integration of technology into the curriculum, and to guide staff development in order to ensure the appropriate utilization of the district's valuable technology resources.

Capital Needs

To maximize Clarkston Community Schools' facilities in order to implement the district's vision, mission, values and learner profile.


The members of the Partnership committee will support the CCS's mission, vision and learner profile through increased efficiency, decreased redundancy, increased communication, the sharing of services, revenue generating, and promoting Clarkston as a fantastic place to live, learn and serve.

A Child's Perspective

"The job of CCS is to turn kids into people who want to think about things, learn about things, and do good things for people at home and around the world."


Clarkston Community Schools Respect Code

Mutual respect among all members of our school community is the cornerstone of our interaction and behavior.  We acknowledge the dignity and worth of one another.  We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere by our courtesy to others and our conduct.

Students and staff of Clarkston Community Schools have the right to be physically safe, and the:

  • Responsibility not to harm other people or their belongings.
  • Responsibility to value the school property and help maintain a clean and safe environment.
  • Right to be emotionally safe, and the Responsibility to promote acceptance of self and others.
  • Responsibility to consider and be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
  • Right to express yourself in a constructive, non-threatening manner.
  • Responsibility to make amends when you offend others.
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Clarkston Community Schools Says NO! to Bullying

When bullying occurs within our learning environments, students will be disciplined accordingly.  The Clarkston Community Schools’ policy manual makes the following statement regarding bullying:

“The Board of Education is committed to providing a safe, positive, productive, and nurturing educational environment for all of its students. The Board encourages the promotion of positive interpersonal relations between members of the school community. Aggressive behavior toward a student, whether by other students,staff, or third parties is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. This prohibition includes physical, verbal, and psychological abuse such as bullying and hazing. The Board will not tolerate any gestures, comments, threats, or actions to a student which cause or threaten to cause bodily harm, reasonable fear for personal safety, or personal degradation. Bullying is defined as a person willfully and repeatedly exercising power or control over another with hostile or malicious intent(i.e., repeated oppression, physical or psychological, of a less powerful individual by a more powerful individual or group). Bullying can be physical,verbal, psychological, or a combination of all three. Some examples of bullying are:

  • Physical – hitting,kicking, spitting, pushing, pulling; taking and/or damaging personal belongings or extorting money, blocking or impeding student movement, unwelcome physical contact. 
  • Verbal – taunting,malicious teasing, insulting, name calling, making threats.
  • Psychological –spreading rumors, manipulating social relationships, coercion, or engaging in social exclusion/shunning, extortion, or intimidation.

Bullying, especially with today's technology, reaches beyond our school buildings. A community and parent approach is the key to eliminating this problem. Our district will continue to encourage students to share any information relating to bullying and behaviors that do not follow our respect code, student handbook, and district policies and guidelines.  We will take a strong stance against bullying in our learning environment as we continuously seek to“ensure learning while challenging all individuals to exceed their own expectations.”

Anti-Bullying Links and Resources: