September 4, 2015

DON'T DESPAIR: We've got it all in writing! 

Downloadable documents are available below.  If that doesn't float your boat... feast your eyes on almost every juicy detail by visiting the one and only: PARENT PROGRAMS & PRESENTATIONS PAGE...

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pdf File CJHS_Meeting_minutes_9_10_14.pdf
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203.12 Kb 10/15/14 2014-2015 Meeting minutes
pdf File CJHS_Meeting_minutes_1_14_15_1.pdf
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193.95 Kb 03/07/15 2014-2015 Meeting minutes
pdf File CJHS_Meeting_minutes_11_5_14.pdf
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198.54 Kb 01/20/15 2014-2015 Meeting minutes
pdf File CJHS_Meeting_minutes_10_1_14.pdf
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197.23 Kb 01/08/15 2014-2015 Meeting minutes