This course includes a study of the basic definitions, postulates, theorems, and figures of geometry including points, lines, planes, polygons (triangles, quadrilaterals, etc), circles, parallel and perpendicular lines and planes, constructions, thewriting of deductive proofs, and algebraic applications to plane and solid geometric figures.

Prerequisite: Algebra I and teacher recommendation

Grade(s) Taught: 10, 11, and 12

The book we will be using is called Discovering Geometry by Key Curriculum Press.  We will be using a classroom set of textbooks which means that textbooks will stay in the classroom.  Students are welcome to check out a textbook by seeing Mrs. O'Melia.  The textbook is also available online.  Each student will receive information regarding how to access the textbook online.


Geometry 3T Retake Policy

  • To be eligible for a test retake you must have 100% of your assignments completed before the original test is given.
  • The grade you receive on your retake test will count as your final grade for that chapter test.
  • You must complete the Geometry Retake Contract and have your parent/ guardian sign the contract.
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