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Springfield Plains Elementary

Recommended Kindergarten Supply List

 Labeled with your name:

Full-sized backpack (without wheels/handle)

Gym t-shirt (oversized, solid colored, with name printed on front and back)

Gym shoes (Velcro or slip-on, if your child can’t tie, to stay in locker)

Large canvas pencil pouch with zipper (5x8 size, not plastic)

Picture of you with your family (can be digital, no bigger than 4x6)

Small (2x3 size) color school picture

Vinyl yoga mat (needs to fit in locker; child sized, if you can find one)

Refillable pop-top water bottle (for snack time; will be taken home

every day to be washed and refilled)

Supplies to be Shared (no name necessary):

12 glue sticks

1 white “2 inch” 3-ring binder with clear front pocket

1 box of 24 crayons

1 box of 24 colored pencils (pre-sharpened)

2-3 bottles of pump hand-sanitizer

3 containers Clorox wipes

2-3 boxes of Kleenex

1 box of plain graham crackers and 1 box of goldfish

3 PLASTIC solid colored (red, green, blue) folders with 3 prongs 

and 2 pockets inside

1-2 large pink erasers

Donations Are Appreciated:

5x7 notepads (with or w/out lines)

stickers (any size/type but holiday related themes the best)

pre-packaged dry snacks (no peanuts, please)

blue sticky tac (found at Walmart or Home Depot)

neon colored copy paper (any color)

zip-lock baggies (any size)

plastic sheet protectors (cheap at CostCo.)

mailing labels (any size)

solid colored 3-prong/2 pocket PLASTIC folders (red, green, blue)

dry erase markers (any color)

google eyes (multiple sizes and colors)

pipe cleaners

tissue paper

envelopes (any size)

Revised: 5/19/14


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