Hughes Test Corrections Policy:

  • All test corrections MUST be in your blue books.
  • You have the ability to receive ¼ points back for incorrect answers from the test - provided ALL the directions are followed - and the new work is correct.
  • Work MUST be neat and readable. Anything that cannot be read will not be counted.
  • Every question MUST be answered - if you skip ANY question (even one), you will receive ZERO CREDIT for test corrections.
  • Must be due on the day assigned - no exceptions. If you are having trouble, let Mrs. Hughes know prior to the day they are due.  

Directions for Test questions:

  • Rewrite the question - including all shapes, pictures, tables, graphs, etc.
  • Show all the correct work (including ALL steps - do not skip steps)
  • Box/circle answer
  • Write what you have learned from redoing the problem correctly (what concept did you learn, or reinforce).

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pdf File 042010_Simulation_8_steps.pdf
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49.76 Kb 05/04/10
pdf File 052010_Law_of_sines_ambiguous_case.pdf
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62.94 Kb 05/21/10
pdf File 050310_Significance_Levels.pdf
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100.36 Kb 05/04/10
pdf File 042710_Probability_of_independent_events.pdf
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110.91 Kb 05/04/10
pdf File 042610_Probability.pdf
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123.30 Kb 05/04/10
pdf File 041910_Simulation_and_Random_numbers.pdf
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139.18 Kb 04/19/10
pdf File 050410_Review_for_test.pdf
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206.15 Kb 05/04/10
pdf File 051210_Vectors.pdf
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221.64 Kb 05/13/10
pdf File 031210_Normal_distributions.pdf
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223.13 Kb 03/26/10
pdf File 031010_Standard_Deviation.pdf
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271.98 Kb 03/10/10
pdf File 051310_Vector_addition.pdf
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274.71 Kb 05/13/10
pdf File 032510_Median-Median_Eqn_of_Line.pdf
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310.21 Kb 03/26/10
pdf File 042910_Binomial_experiments.pdf
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320.39 Kb 05/04/10
pdf File 042810_Fair_Price.pdf
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390.85 Kb 05/04/10
pdf File 042110_Probability_of_OR_events.pdf
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511.04 Kb 05/04/10