Hughes Test Corrections Policy:

  • All test corrections MUST be in your blue books.
  • You have the ability to receive ¼ points back for incorrect answers from the test - provided ALL the directions are followed - and the new work is correct.
  • Work MUST be neat and readable. Anything that cannot be read will not be counted.
  • Every question MUST be answered - if you skip ANY question (even one), you will receive ZERO CREDIT for test corrections.
  • Must be due on the day assigned - no exceptions. If you are having trouble, let Mrs. Hughes know prior to the day they are due.  

Directions for Test questions:

  • Rewrite the question - including all shapes, pictures, tables, graphs, etc.
  • Show all the correct work (including ALL steps - do not skip steps)
  • Box/circle answer
  • Write what you have learned from redoing the problem correctly (what concept did you learn, or reinforce).

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pdf File 010510_2.7_Rational_Functions.pdf
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318.27 Kb 01/08/10
pdf File 010710_Factoring_review.pdf
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320.89 Kb 01/08/10
pdf File 010710_Simplifying_Rational_Expressions.pdf
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246.91 Kb 01/08/10
pdf File 010810_Graphing_Rational_Functions.pdf
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416.70 Kb 01/08/10
pdf File 011210_Composition_of_Functions.pdf
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496.19 Kb 01/13/10
pdf File 011310_Review_for_test_on_Friday.pdf
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316.31 Kb 01/13/10
pdf File 011910_Save_the_Village.pdf
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58.60 Kb 01/21/10
pdf File 012110_Exponential_Growth_and_Decay.pdf
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214.23 Kb 01/21/10
pdf File 012210_Exponential_functions.pdf
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87.61 Kb 01/25/10
pdf File 012510_Fractional_exponents.pdf
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305.94 Kb 01/25/10
pdf File 012610_Exponents_practice.pdf
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546.02 Kb 01/26/10
pdf File 012910_Inverse_functions.pdf
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406.00 Kb 02/08/10
pdf File 020110_Practice_fractional_exponents.pdf
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190.58 Kb 02/08/10
pdf File 020210_Logarithms.pdf
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271.66 Kb 02/08/10
pdf File 020310_Logarithm_properties.pdf
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275.87 Kb 02/08/10
pdf File 020510_Solving_log_problems.pdf
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257.16 Kb 02/08/10
pdf File 020810_Solving_Exponential_problems.pdf
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178.00 Kb 02/08/10
pdf File 022010_Logarithms.pdf
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271.66 Kb 02/02/10
pdf File 113009_Function_Review.pdf
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531.28 Kb 11/30/09
pdf File 120309_Function_Review.pdf
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414.60 Kb 12/03/09
pdf File 120409_Absolute_value_and_piecewise_functions.pdf
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312.43 Kb 12/07/09
pdf File 120709_Projectile_Motion.pdf
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167.27 Kb 12/07/09
pdf File 120809_Graphing_polynomials.pdf
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460.63 Kb 12/08/09
pdf File 120909_Radical_Functions.pdf
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501.11 Kb 12/09/09