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swf File Checking_Website_Stats.swf
This short screencast shows you how to check the statistics for a website or page without using hit counters.
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2.68 MB 03/05/09
swf File IntranetError.swf
This video shows steps to take if you get a "file outside of Intranet" error when opening a file in an application such as MS Access.
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7.34 MB 08/02/07
pdf File Removing_students_from_on-line_grades_list.pdf
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309.35 Kb 09/05/07
pdf File Allowing_Site_Specific_Pop-ups_in_IE.pdf
Certain Web sites require you to allow pop-up windows. Here's how to allow them for select sites while blocking them from all others.
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198.49 Kb 01/22/07
swf File Exporting_IE_Favorites.swf
This video demonstrates how to export your Internet Explorer Favorites to the H: drive so you don't loose them if your computer is re-imaged.
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4.22 MB 6/01/2005
swf File Importing_IE_Favorites.swf
This video demonstrates how to import Internet Explorer Favorites from your H: drive. It assumes that you've previously exported your IE Favorites to your H: drive.
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3.19 MB 6/01/2005