News From Mrs Stevenson

March 26, 2014


-SMS transition forms are due this Friday, March 28.

-Book orders are due Thursday, April 3.

-All students need to bring in an empty clean can by Thursday, April 3.

-Has your child told you what their “Genius Hour” passion project is? Some students will need home help in a few weeks to purchase materials for their project. This is an inclass project!

Language Arts

Reading: We are finishing up historical fiction. We will then continue with books clubs and to onto reading about social issues.

Writing: We are working on grammar and will begin persuasive essays after break. Your student will take a stand on something that they believe in.

Spelling and Vocabulary. We are rotating these subjects each week or two.


We have finished our AWIM lessons. Ask your student how their jet toy performed. We continue with Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion.

Social Studies

We are currently in chapter 11 and students have prepared a debate of the Patriots and the Loyalists. Our chapter test will be next Thursday, April 3.


Students are learning more about fractions. We are doing application of how to use fractions in real life, in addition to learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide them.



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