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I am going to miss this school :( There has been so many experiences at this school. But I am so exicited for the middle school (they have slushies at lunch). The lockers are cool to. I'm going to miss all of the teachers I have had evan though some are not at this school any more.

JKR said:

As I was reading this blog i was thinking of the * NEW* Ipad 2. On G4, (tv show) a show named, "Attack of the Show,"they were already talking about the Ipad 3!how many are there? I mean sure it's cool and all, but do we need, "that much technologie?" just thinking about the probibility that thats probably going to be up to,400-700$ it just makes my head hurt. It will probably be more worth it than I think, but who has $650$ lying around in their pocket?

i have the ipad 2 its cool

I think in the future there will be accesories for ipods and phones that are holograms although that would need something like laser tech that woul make a frame to stop the light from traveling. Also teloportation would be cool to but there is already teloportaion for single cells because they cant have there cells reformed wrong but we are many cells so we will get reformed wrong. Do you know that there is going to be hover boards but not hover cars.
all the new techy things are sooo cool i really like the ipads and ipod touches there are also really awesome cell phone im getting one for my bday which is coming up im soooooo excited some other really cool riding things like the razor scooters that you can pull a trigger and go i have one and they are really fun
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