As a teacher, my life is spent in anticipation... Anticipation of the beginning of the school year, and then before you know it, here we are anticipating the beginning of summer.  But for some, instead of beginnings, there are endings.  In particular, the ending of fifth grade.  Students learn and grow a lot between those early kindergarten years and the culmination of their elementary school career.  As the school librarian, I get to see it all from my spot in the middle of the building.  I anticipate the coming kindergarten class in the fall and seeing what the new crop of students will bring to our school family.  I will miss the fifth graders and their individual style that they have developed over the years.

What do you anticipate?  What will you miss?  No matter what is to come, "Independence, that's YOUR school!"

Bye Independence Elementary! I will miss you!

i will probably miss going to this school and soon i will be going to the middle school which looks like a big maze right now.
i anticipate that the middle school will seem hard but it will be easy after i get used to it and it will be a good year going to a new school. also i might miss getting to go to the library and finding some of my favorite books Smiley
I will probaly miss the great teachers and staff . I am anticipating what not having recess will be like .

Im excied to and im in fifth grade .And im leaving to go to SMS

What I'll miss are the kind teachers and all of the staff members that made our journey at I.E. really fun.
From Kindergarten Orientation to Fifth Grade Graduation we'll all miss this school.
time flys dosent it
I will miss all the great teachers i have met! I anticipate the summer! i will always love and remember this school!!!!!! Time goes by so fast!!! doesnt it?
I am so excited to leave 5th grade.I Am so excited to go into middle school . I am really excited to go to 6th grade camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will defiantly miss Independence
I cannot Believe that summer is almost here, and its barely warm yet! I will miss having such a great school family that I can come to for anything...... yet I cant wait to go to the middle school.
im am happy that school is ending but sad that i wont see my teachers it is sad also because this school is awesom
I will miss all of teachers st I.E. I'm a5th grader this year so bye bye

I will definately miss all the great and wonderful teachers I've had because each one has brought even more potential out of me and I'm so thankful. I'll also miss all the wonderful friends and classmates for helping me along this journey. I have a bittersweet feeling being a fifth grader going into summer. I want a couple months to sleep in but I Don't want to leave our school. 

I'm a Bronco and I always will be!! :'(

I agree the years do go by so fast and being a fifth grader you learn a lot and it seems that when you come to school for the first day in kindergarten that you will be here for a long time but in fifth grade it seems like you just walked in. Even though you will move on to another school you will always remember the years at independence elementary. During the years you have great teachers and it's really fun cause they are always different I had a lot of fun at independence Elementary!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will miss this school, I will miss all of the teachers and I will miss all of my friends.

I am really going to miss the teachers, staff, and students of I.E. I will really miss the school too!!!! I am also really anxious for the Middle School (GO SLUSHIES!!!!!!!;) there will be so many new kids and teachers!(Dont forget about SLUSHIES!) But I will mostly miss all the kids because we will all be in different classe :( I really hope that I will meet new friends and the changing of classes sounds soooooooooooooooooo cool. I hope I dont get stressed though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will miss the whole school everything will be so different next year!!!!!!!