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So, I am constantly amazed by the number of amazing gadgets that are coming out all of the time.  Electronic tablets (the most well-known being the IPad), as well as all of the cool tools that are available online - wikis, blogs (like this one), and other social networking sites.  But really, they aren't any good unless they are helping you get things DONE.  Sites like the Michigan E-Library that provide the databases that we use in school allow us access to great information for FREE, and give us the tools that we need to complete projects.

What are your favorite technology tools?  What do you find helpful and useful?  What are you looking forward to learning more about and why?  What do you think technology will help us to do better, and quicker, in the future?  Let's hear what you have to say!

my favorite kind of tools is world book student

i also like the ipods and ipads

that new cloud they came out with is cool to


Hi Mrs. Gordon! I think one of the coolest new technology tools is the tablet. You can write on it and it will show up on the computer screen. We have one in our classroom. It can be useful for the teachers to give the students their directions when the have to leave.

Another cool tool is the wireless keyboard and mouse. A person can be standing back from the computer and be using the computer as if they were siting right in front of it using the real mouse and keyboard. That might be useful if the teacher wanted to sit at their desk and still be able to use the computer in the front of the room over the projecter so the whole class can see it.



Thats is true there are a lot of cool gadgets out there like Iphone 4s and things like that.The people who make technology help us every day by creating new ideas that can be useful on an everyday basis.

my favorite tools of technology is ipod touch, wii and computers. i think in the future there will be like robots to do our homework and robot teachers to teach us and there will be programs that are 1 terabyte each and some stuff  that would help us would be  a new way to type. what i mean by that is some people arent good at typing and say you had a microphone and we created a program that you would speak into a mic and it would show up on the  screen and make typing a whole lot easier  and a invention that would cook for us that would make life easie r so adults would have more time with their kids.

I love to use all cool gagets like my cell phone. plus theres the new i pad 2 thin as the iphone 4g. thats realy thin! 

The tools I like to use are my D.S they are useful because when all the computers are being used my ds has Internet access.

I think there should be flying cars in the future. That would be fun to ride in a flying car. It would also be kind of scary though. But it would still be fun.

Ithink the ipadd is so so so cool!
but how do they get the touch screen technology?
it's like so confusing how would you figure that out?
Wouldent you think that it would take like the smartest guy in the
whole WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(New Message) HI I think all the things made by apple are so cool!

what i like is world book student  and i like the new ipad and the ipod and one more time ipad 2


I love the iphone my dad has one and it's very cool. Also I have and ipod touch 4th gen it is so COOL I luv it

Next year in 6th grade i can't wait to learn even more math and technolgy because i want to create a blog like this because its a nice way to review books and it's an more in depth way of sharing intresting things! Math well math is just a subject for me that i feel im good at!:)

My favorite favorite favorite reading device that is not a book is......... (drum roll please)...............................
The...............................................Amazon Kindle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

As I was reading this blog i was thinking of the * NEW* Ipad 2. On G4, (tv show) a show named, "Attack of the Show,"they were already talking about the Ipad 3!how many are there? I mean sure it's cool and all, but do we need, "that much technologie?" just thinking about the probibility that thats probably going to be up to,400-700$ it just makes my head hurt. It will probably be more worth it than I think, but who has $650$ lying around in their pocket?

my favorite is the ipad because it useful for more than one thing you play games send a email. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that the ipod touch is super cool. I can listen to music and play games! I can also look things up on the internet.
I think that the iphone4 because it is so useful if u have to look up stuff for a project, and if you are stuck on a math problum you can use a calutar on it. ! ! @(*_*)@
I think that the ipod touch is super cool. I can play games and listen to music! And i can look things up on the internet

I think there should be houses in the sky and flying cars because we wouldn't have to pay to fly on an airplane even though it might be a longer ride.

Have a rocking summer. Good Bye I.E Hello S.M.S
i wish there were flying cars and an ipad that is as big as a rug those r the things i see in the future
Hey i ust got the ipad 2 it is sooo cool and thin like you other people said!!!
Hey i just got the new ipad 2 its soooooo cool i love it so much everyone should get one!!!!!!!
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