Posted by Mrs. Gordon on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011.

As a teacher, my life is spent in anticipation... Anticipation of the beginning of the school year, and then before you know it, here we are anticipating the beginning of summer.  But for some, instead of beginnings, there are endings.  In particular, the ending of fifth grade.  Students learn and grow a lot between those early kindergarten years and the culmination of their elementary school career.  As the school librarian, I get to see it all from my spot in the middle of the building.  I anticipate the coming kindergarten class in the fall and seeing what the new crop of students will bring to our school family.  I will miss the fifth graders and their individual style that they have developed over the years.

What do you anticipate?  What will you miss?  No matter what is to come, "Independence, that's YOUR school!"

Posted by Mrs. Gordon on Friday, Mar 4th, 2011.

I am always on the lookout for a good read.  I currently have at least 6 books on my bedside table waiting to be read, and have an audiobook downloaded to my IPod so that I can listen in my car when the music just isn't good enough on the road.  We just got a few new books in the Media Center that look promising - one is called "The Boy Who Howled" about a kid who was raised with wolves and another is book of poetry called "Emma Dilemma"

What are you reading?  What has been good lately?  Please share!

Posted by Mrs. Gordon on Friday, Mar 4th, 2011.

So, I am constantly amazed by the number of amazing gadgets that are coming out all of the time.  Electronic tablets (the most well-known being the IPad), as well as all of the cool tools that are available online - wikis, blogs (like this one), and other social networking sites.  But really, they aren't any good unless they are helping you get things DONE.  Sites like the Michigan E-Library that provide the databases that we use in school allow us access to great information for FREE, and give us the tools that we need to complete projects.

What are your favorite technology tools?  What do you find helpful and useful?  What are you looking forward to learning more about and why?  What do you think technology will help us to do better, and quicker, in the future?  Let's hear what you have to say!