Welcome to Mr. Breen’s

Photography Class



A safe, respectful, excitingplace where we can…….


-try new things

-learn from our mistakes

-assume responsibility



-laugh & have fun

-learn how to be more creative

-expand our art skills





Specificareas of study will focus on the Principles of Design: RHYTHM, BALANCE,PROPORTION, VARIETY, EMPHASIS, HARMONY, & UNITY



Adetailed rubric will accompany most projects. 

Generalcriteria in determining grades will include, but not be limited to:

-time,attention, and effort toward project


-overallproject/design of compositions

-refinementand development of ideas


-cooperationin group work

-meetingspecific requirements of assignments


Some Expectations

-Berespectful and considerate to others

-Bea cooperative learner

-Askfor help when needed, offer help when possible

-Stayon task

-Beresponsible (for your actions and materials)

-Beon time




My hope is that the abovewill result in an enjoyable, active, cooperative, empowering, creative, safe,and friendly atmosphere.  One whereyou will be proud of your accomplishments and projects while feeling eager& excited to move on to another advanced art class.





Thefollowing procedures were created in order to facilitate learning throughcreating an orderly, respectful atmosphere. If you have any questions pleasefeel free to discuss them with me.


Iintend to be consistent and fair. I take the respect code very seriously andwould like everyone to read and abide by it.


Starting Class

The expectation is that when you enter the classroom andthere is an assignmentalready introduced you will get your supplies and beginworking. If there is a new lesson to be presented, please sit quietly in yourseats. 



Attendance/ Tardies

If you are not in the room when the bell rings you aretardy.

Over 5 minutes late = anabsence


PA Anouncments

As with all cases of someonespeaking, I expect we will respect the person delivering the announcement. Thisalso includes anyone who holds the floor whether it’s the teacher, your peers,or a person on the TV or Projector. Out of repect, please remain quiet whilegiving the speaker our full attention.


Collecting and Returning Work

Workis submitted in two ways:

Hardcopiesare submitted in to the bins located at the front of the room.

Electronicassignments willbe submitted on moodle.


MakeupWork/Late Work

Ifyour absence is excused, you will have a reasonable amount of days to submitwork for full credit. Class time may not be used to complete late work unlessapproved by the teacher.


Youmay always submit late work for partial credit if the work is done well andcomplete.




Computer Use

-Absolutly no foodor drink at the computers. If you need food or drink within the classroom itmust be kept on the floor.

-Computers should bestarted at the beginning of the hour and each student should log off/shut downat the end of each hour.

-Absolutely no use offacebook or other inappropriate websites!

-Free time for checkingemail will be the first five minutes of class and last 5-10min. of class.


Cell Phones

-There should be no cellphones visible, heard, or used in the art room. Cell phones will be taken onthe first offense.


Supplies (Students should come toclass every day with the following) 

-1” three ring binder forhandouts (can be stored in the classroom)

-Lined paper for notes

-a writing utensil

-Thumb Drive for backingup and storing work (very important)

-Digital photography classmust have full access to a digital camera.

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