Wed, April 16, 2014

Great Math Help (you can even type in some problems for step-by-step instructions)


CMP 8 Math Book

Solving Equation Scale

Build and use a scale to solve equations


SLOPE and Y-Intercept rags to riches (Like who wants to be a millionaire?)
Just Slope Rags to Riches
Slope Quiz
jeopardy style linear - one or two player
Here is a MSA ONLINE Inv #1 & #2 Quiz
Here is a MSA Unit Test Review - jeopardy style


Algebra Factoring - From Rags to Riches


Graphing Calculator Help/Videos


Solving Proportions


Finding Missing Side Lengths with Similar Figures


Adding and Subtracting Fractions


Multiplying Fractions


Dividing Fractions


Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers


Multiplying Mixed Numbers


Dividing Mixed Numbers




Adding and Subtracting Integers


Multiplying and Dividing Integers


CMP Help - All books (includes videos, examples,...)  


Slope and Linear Equations Help


All about Ratios - Practice   


7th Grade Math Topics Explanations  


Use this to practice solving one-step equations CLICK ON "Algebra"    


Great for Accentuate the Negative unit  



Another great site for Accentuate the Negative


Go to the Number Balls Game for more help with ordering and understanding integers  


A lemonade stand simulation 


A great math website full of educational games


Many math Practice Tools  



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