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For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

The Red Thread

Dr. Rock and a graduateEach year at graduation, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rod Rock gives a gift to each graduate: a hand-written note, and a red thread. In many cultures, a red thread is a metaphor for uniting and building connections. It is suggested that once a person enters our lives and makes an impact, the connection lasts a lifetime. In Clarkston, the red thread is a symbol of our ties to our community, and to each other for lifelong social, emotional, and physical well-being. As many in the Clarkston community will attest, though unseen, the red thread is woven throughout all of our daily interactions.

What's your red thread?

Community Shuttle

Clarkston Community Schools is partnering with The Fed, Bowman Chevrolet, and the city to provide free parking and shuttle service!

Free parking and downtown shuttle every Friday and Saturday 5pm-10pm
School bus shuttle parked downtown

Park Free, Ride Free

Where: Free parking at the Clarkston Community Education building (Renaissance High School) at 6558 Waldon Rd.

What: A 20-passenger school bus shuttle

When: Every Friday and Saturday from 5pm-10pm, circling on a continuous 15-minute loop.

Pick up locations: Honcho (corner of Church & Main.) and at the back steps of The Fed (alley between Depot St. and W. Washington).

Parking and shuttle are free, donations are accepted!